Puerto Rico

By: Natalie Handwerk

Economic and trade information

Puerto Ricos currency is the US dollar. They export chemicals, electronics, apparel, medical equipment, canned tuna, rum, and beverage concentrates to the US. They import chemicals machinery and equipment, clothing, food, fish, and petroleum products. They import goods from the U.S, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, and the UK.

Background Information

Some major cities in Puerto Rico are San Juan and Bayamòn. San Juan is also Puerto Ricos capital. The official language is Spanish and English. On December 10,1898 Puerto Rico gained independence from Spain.

Geographical Information

Puerto Rico is located between the Caribbean sea and the North Atlantic ocean, east of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is mostly mountains with sandy beaches along most coastal areas.

Tourist Attractions

Fun Facts

-There are over 270 miles of beaches

-There is no passport required

-boxing, basketball, and volley ball are the main sports in Puerto Rico

-Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493