Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

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We are living in dynamic world. Everything is rapidly changing. Therefore ability to adapt to new normal is becoming significant. In IMPRO GYM we are learning to act without plan and to accept new circumstances. We are developing attitude to fail and stay in good mood. One of goals is to get to know better our fears. And at least for shortly to silence our inner critics. With a help of some excises we let our imagination to flourish. Our training involves learning to tell stories. Another important aim of IMPRO GYM is to develop skills and attitudes to collaborate effectively with others. And finally, it's space for us to be a bit more crazier than in our daily lives.


Knowledge which is not written in muscles is tattle. Therefore 75% of IMPRO GYM is dedicated to practice. We are doing excises and play impro theater games. With aim to develop skills and to experience improvisation principles. Most of games and excises are engaging mentally, emotionally and physically.

I believe that everyone is different and even same experience influence as differently. That is why after practice we reflecting on how what happened affected us personally. In this way we are growing our self-awareness.

5% of time we are spending to present multidisciplinary improvisation theory. And only then it is helping us to understand better games and excises we are using.

Our methodological approach is based on Keith Johnstone and Viola Spolin impro theater schools. And on the way we are inventing our stuff.

For Whom?

For those who willing to unchain their spontaneity. Aiming to discover their authenticity. Who want to learn to fail elegantly. Wish to improve their collaboration skills. And seeking to develop abilities for storytelling.

About trainer

Povilas Plūkas is the learning designer who designs experiences that grow personalities and helps organizations to reach their learning goals. He thinks that creation of learning space and circumstances are form of great art. Povilas is teaching improvisation for high school students. His teacher is A. Žebrauskas, actor and impro theater guru. Povilas is involved in international Applied Improvisation network. He says: "We don't receive wisdom from books or TEDs; we must discover it for ourself after the journey that no one can take for us". After he has been diagnosed with (in)curable disease, realized that biggest scene for improvisation is life.

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Thursdays (18:30 – 21:00) or Sundays (17:30-20:00) at Totorių st. 21-3

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Mondays (18:00-20:30) at Savanorių pr. 124