What's New in Room 33

Mr. Woodworth's Class

Hello Room 33 parents. Sorry its been a while since our last newsletter. Its been a very busy start to the year. I'll try to do a better job getting these to you before each week.

Literature Group Books

Friday will be our fourth group meeting in our literature groups. The students are doing a really nice job having academic conversations about their books. Please check tonight to see if they have read their pages, and if you have time, ask them to summarize what they have read. This will help them organize their thoughts for our discussion.

Progress Reports

I will be sending progress reports home tomorrow afternoon. In the packet, there will be a report with missing assignments and STAR Reading test results. I'm including the testing results so that you can see how your child has progressed through this year.

I will be starting to enter report card grades for trimester 2 next week, so if you have any questions or want your child to make up any work, please email me.

February Events

Our next field trip is only 2 weeks away. We are heading to Mission San Luis Rey and Rancho Buena Vista on February 19. Please get your permission slips in by next week if you haven't done so already.

Our next bike ride will be Friday, February 26. Please mark your calendar.

The little things

There are quite a few students who are still having difficulty mastering their multiplication facts, long division, and 2 digit times 2 digit multiplication. Please practice at home if needed. These items are incredibly important to master before middle school.

I am continuing to give multiplication timed tests 3-4 days a week, but students who need help and don't study will just continue to fall behind.

Homework This Week and Next

Here's a list of what's due tomorrow and next week:

Friday: Lit Group Book Meeting, Math Module 5 Lesson 12, Spelling packet and Spelling test.

Tuesday: Reading Log, Math Module 5 lesson 14

Wednesday: Library Books, Math Module 5 Lesson 15

Thursday: Math Module 5 Lesson 16

Friday: Finish Lit Group Book and have final discussion, Math Module 5 Lesson 17, Spelling packet and test.