The Perks of Pets

By Alex Balkovatz

Are Pets Beneficial For Me and My Family?

Sure puppies and kittens are cute, but are they worth all of the time and money we spend on them? Research shows that in most cases they are! Pets are very beneficial to all people, but especially kids! In fact, “Scientists have noted that petting or interacting with dogs or other animals can increase a person's level of oxytocin, a chemical sometimes referred to as the "love hormone," thought to cause a sense of calm and reduced anxiety" (InfoBase). The relationship built between pets and kids is extremely valuable. Trust, responsibility, and compassion are all traits that will grow and flourish when kids grow up around pets.

Why Don't People Want Pets?

There are three main reasons for people not wanting to own pets. The first reason is simply a personal preference, some people simply do not like animals-- and there's nothing wrong with that. Secondly, people believe they are too much work/ too expensive. It's true, pet owners can agree that pets require a lot of time, attention, and money. When deciding to bring a pet into a home, it's important to understand the major commitment you'll be making. Lastly, some people choose not to adopt pets because they are allergic. This is a perfectly good reason to not have pets. In fact it is scientifically proven that pet dander can create allergens that will cause discomfort. Pets are wonderful, but they aren't the right fit for everyone.

What Else Is Good About Pets?

A lot! Pets, most often dogs, are used for therapy. In a lot of communities it is an option for kids to read aloud to pets, which is very soothing and therapeutic for kids. Interacting with animals eases depression and increases mental clarity. Healing pets are frequently seen in hospitals because they visit the patients and are quite beneficial to their recovery. Pets are also used to help children who've endured traumatic experiences. Pets are a valuable asset in someone of any age, gender, and background's life. If you don't currently own pets, maybe it's time to visit your local shelter and welcome a new member to your family!