The boy who saved Baseball

By Grace Donnelly

The Theme of the story!

The theme on this story.. The author is trying tot each you that playimg baseball is oppertunity and some people like playing baseball and some dont. That you can play this game.


I am comparing two boys in this paragraph and there names are Logan, and Cruz. Well the reason why I had picked Cruz for my comparing. Is In the begining he had became part of the wildcats team. Then later on after they all had practiced and everyhting. It was a day before the big game. Cruz had ran away and Cruz was one of the best pitchers! So that is why I am comparing him to Logan my nephew. Logan my nephew everytime we play some scary game Logan quits rite when were gonna start. If it was a scary game. or even hard game he'll just say nope. So those are two I am comparing.

How Tom chaged in the story,

Tom is a young little boy he is 12 years old. He loves the game Baseball! Tom Gallagher also is very shy. Whenever he meets new people he barely speaks. He never really talks hes very quiet.How Tom chaged in the story. He had started to meet knew people and he started to talk alot more. So that is how he changed from in the biginning he was shy, and quiet till the end he talked more and, was not shy.


I think the most exciting part of the story is. In the middle when thet start to practice. for the big game. Then at the end of the story is when they play the big game. But also the end is kinda sad because that is when Doc dies. :(

The hero's

Tom was the towns hero at the end because Marissa had pitched. But then the ball hit her leg and she couldnt play know more. So then Tom comes in and he tries to pitch and he got the other team out and the wildcats got a point so that is how Tom is the Towns hero. My hero is my friend her name is Codi Kimpe she is like a older sister to me. I tell her everthing and she is kind to me, and also she will help me when im sad, or even bord. She will come and hangout with me.

Some of the people in Dillion town

My smore!

Well this is my best smore I tried to do a awsome job on it.