Precis #1

Nahae Lee

Russia to House Prison Inmates in Sochi Hotels

In the article “Russia to House Prison Inmates in Sochi Hotels” (Feb 07, 2014), the Tweet, posted on The Daily Current has explained that dozens of convicts will have to be imprisoned in Sochi hotels, until the 2014 Sochi Olympics are finished. The government has quoted that “Visitors to the Winter Olympics should not worry about their safety, as the prisoners will be confined to their rooms and not allowed to attend the games…” (Ministry of the Interior, safety, not bothered, smooth) In addition, they have also concluded that “Russian-language signs will be posted in each hotel so guests will know where their room is and where the prisoners are located…” (easy process, trustworthy, enjoy games, no problems). To end the article, the tweet concluded that the Russian officials demolished the prison to extend the ice rink for the Olympics and the criminals range from theft, burglary, and many more, showing satire of how Russians prepare for the Olympics held in Sochi. (Armed robbery, murder, corruption, unfinished constructions, faulty electrical wiring)

Teenage Affluenza is Spreading Fast

In the video, “Teenage Affluenza is Spreading Fast”, there’s depiction of two different girls in two different countries, living in two different lifestyles. In the beginning, it seemed to show that the girl living in the house was a poor girl, however as the video started to buffer through, it showed that the girl living in the far country is living in a severe condition. (no clean water, ripped up clothing, no food, work, unstable condition) This shows satirical idea of two girls, in which one girl is sad because she doesn’t have the up-to-date technology of iPod, not enough money to spend in grocery stores, sharing food due to lack of food, and old video game console. This video concludes by spreading the message that the teenage affluenza of new technology and the wants are increasing, when there’s still children who are starving in the far side of the world.