Medieval China

By: Madisyn Steele

Important People

*Taizong- Ruled AD 627-649

•the most powerful Tang emperor

•restored the civil service exam system

*Empress Wu- Ruled AD 684-705

•forceful leader

•added more officials to the government

•she also strengthened China's military forces

*Genghis Khan

•his name means "strong ruler"

•fought to conquer the lands beyond Mongolia

*Kublani Khan- Ruled AD 1271-1294

•continued the Mongol conquest of China that his faster began

•moved his capital from Karakoram in Mongolia to Khanbaliq

*Zheng He- Ruled AD 1371-1433

•a Chinese Muslim

•his voyages were quite impressive

•his first fleet had 62 large ships, 250 smaller ships, and almost 28,000 men

Discovering Coal and Steel

•By the time of the Tang Dynasty, wood was becoming scarce in China, but the Chinese had discovered that coal could be used to heat things.

•Soon, a coal-mining industry developed.

•Chinese used coal to heat furnaces to high temperatures, this lead to another discovering.

•When iron was produced in hot furnaces heated by coal, this created steel.

•Chinese used steel to make many things: armor, swords, helmets for their army, stoves, farm tools, drills, steel chain, steel nails, and sewing needles.