Our newest ENERGY drink

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The idea is to present a new energy drink to the market in the Netherlands.

We aim to an energy drink without any added sugars and harmful chemicals. Instead it will be with biological ingredients and vitamins.

Our focus

We will focus on athletes with a healthy lifestyle. The product has to take the attention away of the customers.

We already took the drink to another level by adding different elements into the drink.


The design of the energy drink will be simple. The color of the tin will be in the color navy blue. A bright, recognizable and easy color. With a picture of our fruit. We made these decisons because of our research. Our target group are athletes and the color blue is more suitable for them, in our opinion.

We still have to design and make a prototype but we will inform you all about this, a little bit later. But stay tuned for that. We are already busy with it.

Questions or requests?

If you have questions or request about the new product. Don't hesitate and stop by and let us know about it. We are still brainstorming about the design. So, we would like to hear feedback and of course new ideas as well. You can also contact us with the information down below.