Room 322 News

A weekly review

November 9th-13th

Here's what we've been up to this week:

Math: We have continued working with word problems and have introduced both money and two-step word problems. We will really dive into these more next week. 1000s club is going wonderfully as well--students are really excited to work on their grids any chance they get!

Word Work: To reinterate the email sent home earlier this week, we will be keeping all WTW words for two weeks until further notice for extra practice.

Writing: Continuing work on personal narratives--students are working independently or conferencing with me depending on what stage of the writing process they are at.

Reading: This week has focused primarily on how illustrations can help us to learn about character, setting, and plot while also touching upon point of view and character feelings. We have also had two days of full reading workshop stations and I have introduced our "read aloud" portion of the day. Currently we are reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School and students have been enjoying this time of listening to how to read a story fluently while getting chances to turn-and-talk about text features with their Buzz Buddies (not kidding, they've been cheering and applauding out of excitement when it's time to read a new chapter which makes me smile!) Next week we will be taking our unit post-test.

Social Studies: Posters are just about done and we are getting ready for presentations! All these school delays have set the schedule back a bit, but it is definitely coming together.

Presentation: On Tuesday, students attended a presentation on energy conservation. It was high energy and fun for the kids to learn about! If you have chosen to get a free energy kit (some of the things inside include a lightbulb, shower head, night light, glow ring, and more) please send in that rocket card. If we get 7 more families signed up that enters us into a drawing for a classroom space party and other prizes for the school--woohoo!

Testing: Thursday and Friday mornings this week were spent doing Discovery Education math and reading tests. I look forward to seeing the data to help guide instruction so I'm giving each child the supports they need. These will eventually be sent home once scores have been released.

Field Trip Reminders and Updates

Our field trip to Discovery Place is Thursday November 19th.

Please be monitoring your email as I will be sending updates as they are sent to me.

Here is a link to the Discovery Place website if you are interested in seeing what exhibits

will be available (and yes, we will be seeing the Panda IMAX show):

ENCORE Schedule

Monday: PE

**I was able to get students some bonus library time for Monday...I feel like it's been forever since they've gotten new books between all the days off and library closed dates! If your child still has books to return, bring them today**
Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Field Trip during ENCORE

Friday: Library