March 2018

The Book Day Edition!

We kicked off the month with a celebration of books - one of the best days for Peak School Library! It started with a costume parade and continued in the Library with an Open House and activities, a book sale and of course, lots of literature! Keep reading to find out what went on that day, and see the fabulous entries for our book competitions.

Things did not slow down after that! We hosted the fabulous Sonia Leong, started a new Library initiative and we are now collecting the votes for this year's Golden Dragon Book Award.

Keep reading to find out about our busy month in the Library...

Book Character Parade

Thursday, March 1st and the Lower Playground was a cacophony of magic and make-believe as the students paraded around in their costumes, showing off their extraordinary creativity and flair!

Each year we are struck by everyone's original, funny and quite frankly inspired ideas, and tell ourselves it will never get better and yet ... it does!

Click this LINK to see all the pictures from the day.

Time For Tea!

There was a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in the library for parents who came to our Open House to look at our collection, sign up for their Library Cards, and ask us any questions.

Of course, you don't have to wait for a Mad Tea Party to come in and ask us questions, or set up your own library account. We're open all day!

Extreme Reading

The task was to take a picture of yourself reading in any way, shape or form. We have decided that Peak School has some pretty EXTREME kids. And some very bendy ones. Fabulous effort, guys!

Our winners were Theo in Year 4 (ziplining) and Cody in Year 1 (shark's mouth)

Book Spine Poetry

The Year 6's did a spectacular job of creating their original pieces of poetry. They started by picking books off the shelf and piled them up to make some pretty great pieces of verse - some were hilarious, some were profound, and some were indeed worthy of MIC drop lyrics.

Big picture

Cover Art

The challenge was to create your own original piece of artwork for one of your favourite books and we had so many beautiful designs to choose from it was difficult to make a choice for winners. In the end, the joint efforts of some year 5 students (Catriona, Anastasia, Soraya, Harry, Sophie) won, and Hilary Ma's submission also was a winner. Well done to all of our creative and enthusiastic cover art designers!
Big picture
Big picture

Story Sacks

We asked students to build a model, decorate a box, or fill a container with items that represented their favourite book. We are always so pleased to see the wonderful creations that always emerge out of this challenge. Our winners were this fabulous home sculpted creature from Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber and a truly thoughtful representation of the popular picture book My Hong Kong.

Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber

Big picture

My Hong Kong

Big picture

Book Trailers

Our final challenge was the book trailer competition, where students put together their own preview for their favourite title. We always get some good material and here are a few examples to showcase our Peak School students' talent...
Roller Girl Aryaa Coco Iris
Harry Potter Ari and hanna

Drop Everything And Read!

At 12:20 on World Book Day the bell rang once and that was the signal for all students to drop everything and read... for 10 full minutes, the entire school was reading! We paid a visit to some of the classrooms to gather evidence...

And that's a wrap... until next year!

Thank you to all the students and parents who helped encourage their kids to enter into our competitions and participate in World Book Day this year. We can't wait to start again...

Visiting Author Sonia Leong

On 8th March we hosted author and manga artist Sonia Leong, who did not dissappoint!

She was a huge inspiration to the Year 5's and 6's when she went into the classrooms for workshops on how to draw manga, which is one of the most popular genres in our Library, and beyond.

She presented in the sports hall to the Year 3-6 classes speaking about how she became a Manga artist and the tricks to her trade. As an international student herself who went to study Economics and Politics in the UK before turning her sights to her real passion, her story was both interesting and inspiring to all of our students and they came up with well thought out and enlightened questions for our visitor.

Visiting Author Eric Litwin

To round out our author visits this year, we are very excited to be hosting one of the most renowned visitors that Peak School has ever have had. On 24th April, Eric Litwin will be visiting Peak School! He is a song singing, guitar strumming, Number 1 New York Times Best Selling author who brings early literacy and music together. He is the original author of the Pete the Cat series as well as the author of The Nuts and Groovy Joe. Eric's books have sold over 10 million copies, been translated into 15 languages, and won 19 literacy awards.

For more information on Eric:

A New Library Initiative: Unit of Inquiry Magazines

When our students are digging into research for their Units of Inquiry there are several options for them to use: books, primary sources, experts, and on-line resources. We are making it easier and safer for pupils to access on-line material with our new UoI Magazines which they can find on the Library Page on Planet Peak. We hope that you and your children will find these useful going forward!

Golden Dragon Book Awards

Voting has opened for the Golden Dragon Book Awards and we have collected the Peak School students' votes. After Easter, when all the votes from Hong Kong schools are in, they will be counted and the winners will be announced. Watch this space!

If your child has not voted at school, please do encourage them to hop on-line at www. and cast their vote in their appropriate age category (they have to have read at least 2 books from the category to vote.)

... and finally, Happy Easter everyone!

If you want some ideas on making 'bookish' easter eggs over the holidays, here is a site that might inspire...