Spider Man

By: Jason Duong


Hey There, Did You know that Spiderman Meets Barack Obama! If you wanna Look at more facts, Read On!


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the Amazing Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man, the Spectacular Spider-Man, "Tiger," Spidey, Webhead, Webslinger, Wall-crawler, "Little Man"; formerly "the Amazing Octo-Spidey", Bag-Man, "Bookworm," Captain Universe, Dusk, Hornet, Mad Dog #336, Man-Spider, Prodigy, "Puny Parker," Ricochet, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Hulk, Spider-Phoenix



Place of Birth
Forest Hills, New York

First Appearance
Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Did you know Obama is a fan of Spider-Man.
Spiderverse - 60+ Versions of Spiderman - Know Your Spiderverse

My Top 10 Favorites

My favorite Spider Man is

1. Arácnido Jr.

2. Superior Spider Man

3. Spiderman 2099

4. Spider Ham

5. Spider-Monkey

6. Leopardon

7. Spider Hulk

8. Captain Universe

9. Spiderman Civil war Movie

10. Iron Spider

SpiderVerse - The Complete Story
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Spiderman has always been Marvel's best comic seller!

The Spiderman Comic Added President Barack Obama!!

Chad Kroeger - Hero =The Amazing Spider Man 2=

Happy Spider man Day!!

Monday, Aug. 1st, 12am


People Honor the Web Slinging Hero by doing good deeds, Trade Comic Books, Dress up like Spiderman Costume and Discuss why they like him, Conventions about Spiderman or Watch Any Spiderman.

Videos From Youtube

These are some of the videos but Warning The first on says the Bad words.

(Note: Pretty Sure It's Not CopyRighted)

Andrew Garfield - Best Spider-Man moments
The Amazing Spider-man 2 Tribute - Ventura Lights - Superheroes

Gwen's Speech

These are the quotes that gwen Said. "Good Morning, as team faculty and families of my fellow graduates.
It's an honor to be standing up here today. I know we all think that we are immortal, we are suppose to feel that way. We are graduating, but like our brief four years of high school, what makes life valuable is that it doesn't last forever. What makes it precious is that it ends, we know that now more than ever, and I say it today of all days to remind us that time is luck. So don't waste it living someone else's life, make yours count for something. Fight for what matters to you, no matter what, because even if we fall short what better ways is there to live. Its easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today.but there will be dark day ahead of us too. There will be days where you feel all alone, and that's when hope is needed most. No matter how bad it gets or how lost you feel you must promise me.That you will hold on to hope. Keep it alive.We have to be greater than what we suffered. My wish for you is to become hope. People need that, and even if we fail, what better way is there to live. As we look around here today and all the people who help make us who we are I know it feels like we are saying good bye but we will carry a piece of each other into everything that we do next.To remind us of who we are and who we are meant to be. I had a great four years with you, I will miss you all very much".
Gwen's Speech
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