What did independence mean for


The responses and feelings of people who went through independence; why do you think they felt that way.

The government was sad as they felt that they were not able to achieve their goal hence the government and the locals were disappointed with the separation of Singapore and Malaysia. On the other hand, in Chinatown, the people were celebrating the separation. I think that they were disappointed with the separation as they think that they had work so hard to merge with Malaysia but they were then rejected by Malaysia.

The changes/problems that Singapore went through after independence.

Some of the problems faces by Singapore was they were not able to have a good security, getting the world to recognise their independence and economy for the locals of Singapore. Hence, the leaders of Singapore visited other country to establish friendly relationship.
Singapore was not able to depend on trades for its economic growth. Hence, Singapore had to produce own diversified economy so that if one economic revenue stream should fail, the nation knows that they have several other options for revenue.
Singapore did not have natural resources such as rubber, oil palm or any precious minerals. Thus, Singapore seek neighbouring countries for goods; such as, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Singapore had to forge a common identity and sense of belonging for the locals of Singapore. Hence, they need some people from Malaysia to take up the Singapore citizenship as they need the people to think themselves as part of Singapore and owing it their loyalty. They also have to solve other problems such as, economy, housing and education.