Sizziling Sierra Leone

By Christopher and Talha

Alo people! That is hello in Krio which is spoken in Sierra Leone. Whether you want to travel to the capital, Freetown, or you want to travel to Kenema, you will still experience the beauty of Sierra Leone. The population of Sierra Leone is about 6,190,000! Their slogan is Unity, Freedom, and Justice. Their flag colors are Green,White, and Blue. Green stands for nature and agriculture, White stands for justice, and Blue stands Freetown's harbor. It looks like this...

The Map of Sierra Leone

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According to, Sierra Leone has foods like Coconut cake, Pepper soup, Okra stew, Groundnut stew and Jollof rice.

GDP and Currency

The Overall GDP of Sierra Leone $3.777 billion, but the GDP per capida is $613. The Currency of Sierra Leone is Sierra Leonean, and 4,115 Sierra Leonean is equivelant to 1 U.S. Dollar.
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Tourist Attractions

Government and Economy

Sierra Leone is a Constitutional Democracy. This Means that they vote for a president. Its Economy is a least developed country with a GDP of $4.136 billion. We were suprised to learn that Sierra Leone ranks 183rd out of 187 countries on the U.N.’s 2014 Human Development Index, and its Literacy Rate is 54.7% for males and 32.6% for the females.


Sierra Leone was Founded in 1462 by Pedro Da Cintra. Sierra Leone's name means Lion Mountains. Their Religions are, Animist 40%, Islam 40%, and Christian 20%. They are very agricultural.

Plan a Trip

If you are coming to visit, don't forget your sunscreen because the temperatures can get as high as 104 degrees! Sierra Leone has a very nice landscape and it looks very attractive. Once you visit Sierra Leone, you might not want to go back home!