Hip Hop Dance Classes

The finest dancers in Atlanta

Atlanta's Dancers

Atlantas Dancers, is an orginazation in which sudents can have fun and learn the art of dance. Every year one student will be selected to have a scholoar ship, in the Academy Of Dance, AU.
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The Dancers

The dance teachers are, Nashayla Thomas, Jamaiya Gainer, Kaliah Nia Glover, Javian Eziel, and Adonis Gibson. All of these dancers were trained in the most elite schools and are registred as official dancers in the dancing world. Half of the students that take classes are backround dancers for major school.
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The BEST time of your life

The price

The prices of the classes depend on your finincal stand point. We as parents know that it's hard to maintain the daily life and have time to spend money on dance classes for your child. So our team came up with the "money plan" This plan ensures that the first year of your childs dance classes will be covered for. This allows parents to invest in the money to be spent. After the one year the paretns will be pay 20 dollars every two months.