3S Sensations

A Note From Ms. Salazar

Can you believe we have less than a month left in the school year?! The next few weeks will be busy and full of exciting events!

Ms. Salazar Out 5/19, 5/20, and 5/23

As you may know, I will be getting married next Friday, May 20! The students have been asking me about the ceremony and I know it's far, but if you find yourself on LBI Friday evening, you are more than welcome to come to our ceremony! It will be held on the beach at Third Street in Beach Haven at 5:30 in the evening. Regardless, I'll send pictures for the kiddos at some point over the weekend! Thank you for your continued support!

Field Trip to Planetarium

The Third Grade will be traveling to the Planetarium at Rowan University on Wednesday, June 1. We are still waiting on a few permission slips. I'll pick chaperones as soon as I've received them all. I'm hoping some time next week.

Open House Date Correction

This year’s Open House will be on Thursday May 19th, not on May 26th. I will not be here but our classroom will be set up and ready for you to visit!

Fruity Fridays! Every Friday in May

Encourage your child to bring in fruit as their snack every Friday this month! Fruit is encouraged every day, of course :)

Important Upcoming Dates

5/14 Science Olympiad Regional Tournament

5/18 Community Meeting, 10AM, APR

5/18 Salad Bar Lunch

5/18 Battle of the Books, 3rd and 4th Grades, 4PM

5/19 Open House/Art Show, 630PM-8PM

5/20 5th Grade Philadelphia Walking Trip

5/24: First Grade Hopkins Pond Trip

5/25: NJASK Science Test, 4th Grade Only

5/25: Battle of the Books, 5th Grade, 4PM

5/26: Spring Concert, 7PM, HMS

5/27: Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

5/30: School Closed, Memorial Day

5/31: School Store, 1150-1240


Eleanor, Margo, and Maria

How long have you made the mistake of Plural words, singular possessives, and plural possessives? I bet that you have made a ton of mistakes. But now 3S will teach you the right way.

The first thing that you learned about is plural words. Whenever it is just a plural word you should just add a S at the end of the word. For example, “the girls played catch.” The word that is plural is “girls” if you don't know what the word plural mean, it means to and add a “s” to make it be more than one. So don’t use an apostrophe for plural words! And use it for singular possessives!

Have you ever learned about singular possessives? Well let's tell you now! When you are using singular possessives, you put the apostrophe before the “S”.for example,”the dog’s collar jingled”

The one that has the singular possessive is the word dog’s. And the meaning of it is that it belongs to one dog not multiple dogs.

The last thing that we learned about was plural possessives. For example, “ The girls’ hair brushes were pink.” The word that is a plural possessive is girls’. And it means that belongs to more than one girl. If you don't know what the word means, it means that something belongs to a group or more than one person.If you enjoyed this report listen to this wonderful song.

PLURAL WORDS, plural words, PLURAL POSSESSIVES, plural possessives, SINGULAR POSSESSIVES, singular possessives and that's how grammar works! Clap clap clap.
Possessive Nouns

Rainbow Writing

Izzy, Luke, Stevie

3S speaks for writing! In this passage you will learn what we did this week. For example Mothers Day writing and our persuasive speeches.

First, we wrote about our Mother’s for Mother’s Day and how they're nice. For example they are the good kind of strict, responsible , smart, and stuff like that.We also then said why they deserve to be mother of the year.

We started wrapping up persuasive writing. To make sure it was perfect we checked for talking to the audience like saying I know you're thinking. Make the readers feel something For example we made them feel guilty for doing something wrong or happy for not doing something.Then we looked for strong conclusions and Intros that have details. Also we did show not tell,transition words,and three reasons and explanations.Last we thought does my topic match my thesis.

Now you have the knowledge as we do on Rainbow writing

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Ainsley and Aviva

Did you know that loves have super hero names? Buzz Line Year, for example, says “To infinity and beyond in both directions!” Can you guess what kind of line that is? You guessed it, it is a line! ←→

There are many other lines than regular lines like rays that says “To infinity and beyond but in one direction!” There is also Buz Line Year’s little brother and says, “I want to come too!” And grabs onto a piece of Buz Line Year and doesn’t move. It just stays there.

Next comes perpendicular, intersection, and parallel lines. Perpendicular is when the lines intersect but make a right angle. Intersecting is when the lines are like perpendicular but don't have to have right angles. Parallel lines go on forever and never touch.

So next time you draw lines use what you know!

Having Fun With Math Projects

Sammy, Jason, and Lila

Did you ever do fun projects when you were our age? Well we definitely have! This week and last week we did three projects. A town map, multiplication kites, and area names.

The first project that we are going to talk about is the town map. We first followed the rules and we colored the town and named it when we were done. Some of the rules where three streets that are parallel, 5 rectangular buildings, and a park with two triangular sandboxes and two circular swimming pools. Finally we got it checked. It took lots of time and effort.

Another project is multiplication kites. On the kite there is lattice multiplication, partial products multiplication , and traditional method multiplication . We traced the kites and the bows and taped them onto a string.

The last project is area names. We first got grid paper and spelled our names in bubble letters. Then we colored it and found the total area by counting the squares in each letter and adding all the letters area up to get the total area.

Now you can see these wonderful projects at open house and learn about our hard work.
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Reading Rocks!

Enya, Courtney, and Robert

Reading rocks in 3S. Here’s why: the books that we are reading are awesome! Group 1 is reading Punished, Group 2 is reading Double Fudge, group 3 is reading The Ladderless Window Company, and group 4 is reading Rules.

We reviewed sign posts. Do you remember what they are? They are things that we notice when we’re reading. The sign posts we have are aha moments, contrasts and contradictions, tough questions, and again and again.

Aha moments mean when a character figures something out in the story, contrast and contradictions means a character does something unexpected, tough questions means a character has a hard decision, and again and again means when the author repeats a word or a sentence.

Now you have all the knowledge to take a 3rd grade test with us.
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Super Social Studies

New Jersey,a state with rich history,war,and friendship. New Jersey was one of the 13 original colonies that King Charles the II ruled over. While we learned about New Jersey we learned how to take notes.We learned that when your taking notes it’s helpful to use bullets and short simple sentences or ideas. After we write all our notes,we categorize them. Taking notes is important to help you study for tests. New Jersey is a special land!Most of NJ is flat, only the Northern Highlands are mountains. The Kittatinny mountains are in the Northern Highlands which is part of the Appalachians, along group of mountains. NJ has 3 groups of land, the names are N-H-L, P-T, A-C-P. NJ is special because it has a little bit of everything. It has mountains and forests that is called the P-L, it has water and plains.

New Jersey has had a lot of history. The Lenape were the first people to live in Nj in 1500 B.C they got here from bridges from North America to Asia. The Lenape almost depended on almost everything from NJ’s nature. In the early 1600 Henry Hudson explored the Atlantic coast. Which was later named the Hudson River. Some of the land was named New Netherlands Lots of cities in NJ were almost crumbled to the ground. There is a lot of facts about NJ’s history. Those were a few that we enjoyed.

From the early ages to today NJ has always been a special state!