Jazz Age/Music during the 1920’s

Milagro Aranda

What is Jazz known for:

The Jazz age is known to start around the end of world war one and the start of the depression in 1929. Jazz music became popular in America so Americans started to come up with new dances that would go with this new music like Charleston, and Black Bottom. A jazz band contains up to seven to twelve people.

Charleston Dance:

The dance of Charleston: Charleston is a city in South Carolina but a small island near Charleston was where African Americans was living and came up with this dance. The Charleston was performed as early as 1903. In 1913 the dance evolved into Harlem stage productions and even though this happened the Charleston dance established itself worldwide during the jazz period.

~The steps of the Charleston dance is: the legs and the arms

The legs:

  • Step back on the right leg.

  • Swing the left leg back in a kicking motion, keeping the ankle loose.

  • Bring the left foot forward and step, returning to the starting position.

  • Kick the right foot forward, keeping it loose.

  • Repeat from step 1, until you collapse or feel the need to add more moves.

The arms:

  • The arm motion is complementary to the feet - that is, just as if you were walking. Since the right leg goes back first, the left arm will go up first, and vice versa.

  • Once the motion is worked out, the positioning of the arms needs to be made less loose. The elbows should be crooked at ninety degrees.

  • All the movements should be exaggerated, arms held high and as they swing let them move in circular motions to the right and left.

Black Bottom Dance:

The dance of Black Bottom: The dance of Black Bottom was created in New Orleans during the 20th century. Black Bottom came from a man named Jelly Roll Morton who was a jazz player and composer who wrote this tune. Black Bottom dance is called Black Bottom Stomp and the name came from Detroit's Black Bottom area.

~The steps of the Black Bottom dance is:

  • Hop down front then doodle back, (Witch doodle is another word for slide)

  • Mooch to your left then Mooch to the right (Mooch is shuffle forward with both feet. Hips go first, then feet)

  • Hands on your hips and do the Mass Around

  • Break a leg until you’re near the ground (Break a leg is a hobbling step)

  • Now that's the old Black Bottom dance.

Where did Jazz come from?

Did you ever wonder where jazz came from or even how it came to be well I’m going to tell you here. Jazz came from New Orleans about 100 years ago but jazz roots would be found in the musical traditions of both Africa and Europe and jazz got its rhythm from Africa. If you ever wondered where the drum set came from well it came from jazz. Jazz music came up with the drum set and then people just took it and made it go into there music. “Cool and hip” came from jazz it was created because of jazz music.