One Trip Clip

Raul Lopez and Samuel Murphy

We help make your day more convenient

My partner and I have created a product that allows you to take every bag from your groceries into your house. We've called it the One Trip Clip. It is essentially a handle that helps you carry all of your groceries with ease. This product appeals to anyone who buys groceries and finds taking two trips an inconvenience. We have few competitors and the market is small due to people not knowing of this kind of product. We plan to expand this company and make this product a world wide recognizable product.

We are the One Trip Clip

Our product is in an industry that is not widely known. This will allow our product and company to be the first widely known company to sell our type of product. Customers from various age groups and backgrounds are all potential customers but the elderly to middle age is our main target group. Competitors are not a big threat to our company, mostly because of the unpopular use of their product. The biggest obstacle will be advertising and getting our product widely known to make the company successful. Our product proves to be more durable and reliable then our competitors ensuring that we can be successful. Since it does not cause harm to the user or people around them there is no reason to include any government regulation. Our product in this market can be successful and mostly likely will be.