Study Skills

learn how to study smart

How to improve your studying

  1. Study somewhere comfortable and quiet: Familiar background music is acceptable, but no lyrics our loud noise, for your brain will multitask and won't maintain the information well. Make sure that you work somewhere that your not tempted to fall asleep, like a bed.
  2. Get SLEEP: When you've slept for around 4 hours your brain won't retain the information as well, and you'd have to study 2x as hard to keep the information if you'd slept 8 hours
  3. Clear your Mind: Your mind won't focus well if it's filled with other thoughts. Write them down on a piece of paper, so your mind is on one topic only.
  4. Eat smart: Don't eat foods that give you a lot of energy, because then you'll crash from a deep sleep that'll make you lose all the information that you're break has processed.
  5. Focus on the teacher now, work on notes later: Use the time you have in class to right your notes and understand what is being said, then organize them later at home. If you try to perfect your notes during class, you'll miss important information. This also goes with learning all the important points first , and then going into detail.
  6. Use Flashcards: Right down the terms on one side of the paper and the definition on the other side, and study by repetition. Your brain can process the information easily when it sees the information multiple times.
  7. Use Association: You can use the information you have and tie it to information that you know. Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge ( treble clef music staff )
  8. Study With Others: Work with other friends who are willing to study with you, and go over flashcards or concepts together. Studying with friends can help you understand a definition or concept that you don't understand.