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5 February 2016

Upcoming Dates

1 February 2016-17 Kindergarten Registration Begins
25 February PTO Chili Supper and Silent Auction
29 February Year book orders due

Our Week

Dear Parents,

We had a good week! Thank you for coming to Author Share. I know it's not easy to arrange schedules and we appreciate the effort! Our authors are always excited to have grownup company to make up our audience. Here some of us are practicing our fluency with our snowmen stories:

We have begun an investigation in the genre of biographies as part of Black History Month. We have been thinking about what kinds of things we can learn from another person’s life. We began with a little word study of the word biography. We parsed the word into its parts: ‘bio’ meaning life-many of us were familiar with biology- ‘graph’ meaning writing We’ve worked to sort events and facts into the categories: people and places that were important in the person’s life, personality characteristics and their accomplishments.

We worked a biography of Rosa Parks. We worked together to summarize her story: Rosa Parks helped start the Civil Rights Movement when she refused to give up her seat on the bus. We also talked about the kind of lesson we could learn from her biography and decided that one determined person can make big changes.

We read The Story of Ruby Bridges and learned a little bit about the desegregation of schools. We summarized her story and decided the lesson we could learn from her life was if one is brave and persistent, with kindness and courage, one can help make big changes. We read No One Owns the Sky the story of Bessie Coleman. She was our first African American pilot. We decided her life showed us we should dream big and keep trying.

These biographies have helped us continue to work on the comprehension strategy of summarizing the text and finding the main idea. Summarizing is taking sections of text and pulling out the most important parts of what was read. It is deciding what is worth remembering in a selection and capturing it in your own words. As readers it is important to summarize what we read so we can remember, organize and understand the importance of a selection. Summarizing can be challenging for many readers. This is because they try to retell the whole story with great detail. They struggle with finding the most critical elements of the story. Here are some ways you can help your child with this strategy at home.

1. When reading with your child, model how to summarize. After finishing a few pagers or a chapter, stop and summarize what has happened. State the main idea and organize the events of the story. What was the most important thing that happened on that page or in that section?

2. After reading a story, have your child draw a picture of the most important information from the story. This will help your child to focus on what the main idea of the story was by deciding what parts of the story need to be included in the picture.

3. Read a portion of a chapter or picture book and question your child what was read.

Question to ask your child after reading include:

  • What is this selection about?
  • What is the big idea? What is your evidence?
  • What is not important to remember in this selection? Why?

Have a great weekend!

Laura B.

Valentine's Day List

We will be having a Valentine's Day Party on Friday February 12th. If your child would like to give Valentines to class members, here is our class list. We do ask, if your child brings a valentine for one, they do for all. This help avoids hurt feeling!


Spelling Words


What time does your party start? I will make you a nice card.
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Women Build

This is the 15th year for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County Women Build and my fourth build. Volunteer women builders from Monroe County join together from April 29 - May 14 to raise the funds and build two homes for families in Monroe County, as well as sponsor a house for a family in El Salvador.

The funds raised during Women Build sponsor the land, infrastructure, and materials needed for the homes, as well as the homeowner education training each family is required to complete before moving in. When Habitat builds a home, the owners pay a mortgage that funds another home until eventually they build a community. Overall, it takes 11 days to build a house – approximately 3200 volunteer hours.

My find raising goal this year is $1,000. if you you like to join in helping provide affordable housing to families in Monroe County, please visit my donation page: