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Liberty Elementary School

Happenings This Week... Fire Prevention Activities

10/5-Homework packet sent home!

10/6 -

10/7 - Library books Due!

Mobile Dentist

4-7 McDonald’s Night

10/8- 3:45 PTO Meeting

10/9 - Purple and Gold Friday - Wear that Brickie Gear!

Weekly Reading Tests- Unit 6
(spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and phonics)

September 28 - October 2

Here is are the helpful links you can go to...

Brain Pop Jr.

Username: libertyjr

Password: brainpop

Our Reading Series:

Our Math Series:

(still adding names - will be ready by end of week)

Raz kids:

School City of Hobart Site:


We will be reading two stories and talking about them in detail over the course of the week. Each student will be taking home a packet of homework to complete over the week, it will be sent home Monday and due back Friday!

Our goals for Reading:

Spelling Words: short a, double final consonants ck : an, bad, can, cat, had, ran

The students will be given a pre spelling test on Monday. If your child passes pretest, Friday they will get to take the Words to know for their spelling test (no grade).

Words to Know: Vocabulary test words : away, every, call, hear, come, said

Strategies: shades of meaning

Target Skills for reading: Understanding characters

Stories for this week: Jack and the Wolf (fable) and The Three Little Pigs (Fantasy)


Students will be visualizing and writing about what they like to do with their friends. Capitals, punctuation, stretching out words and finger spaces.

Our weekly unit, we will be reading the story When I was Five by Arthur Howard.

Please continue to encourage their writing at home! Encourage your child to write more than one sentence to talk about what they are thinking.


Our goals for the week are

2.10- counting pennies and nickels -provide practice finding the values of combinations of nickels and pennies.

2.11 - Number Models - introduce number models fir change to more situations

2.12 - Subtraction Number Models - broaden experiences with extending number models to include change to less situations

2.13 - Number Stories - provide practices making up and solving number stories, review counting money, and practice finding sums of 1-digit numbers

Friday we will be playing some new math games to practice skills.


Please remember we do have snack daily. Please send your child with a snack. If you would like to donate any snacks to keep in the room for students that forget it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Please check your child's color and initial after you read with your child for ten to fifteen minutes.

Please empty and check all papers nightly from folder!

Super Hero of the Week

Each week a student will be randomly chosen to be the super hero of the week! I will send home on Friday a poster to color and fill in all about them. Please help your child with this and make it a fun family activity about them! Return Monday to share and we will hang in hallway for the other students to learn about them. You can add pictures, draw or have student write.