Western and Eastern Fronts

By: Haleigh Brown, Anthony Pistocchi

The fighting between Germany and France was known as the Western Front.

The fighting between Germany and Russia was known as the Eastern Front.

Germany was being strained, as it could not hold its condition for long.

Western Fronts fighting on the west front slowed to a stalemate as neither side could gain an advantage. During the 10 month of Verdun in 1916, 1 million soldiers were killed or wounded. Another 1 million soldiers were killed or wounded of the Battle of Somm.

Eastern Fronts- on the Eastern Fronts, the Russian army was struggling to hold on against the Germany military. Russia was not as industrialized as the rest of Europe and failed to produce enough weapons or food. Millions of Russian soldiers and civilians died during the war.

By 1917, Russia was on the brink of collapse. The stalemate on the Eastern and Western Fronts turned World war 1 into a War of Attrition where each side tried to out-produce and outlast the enemy.