Body Missing, New Flower Found

While searching for body of friend, nymphs only found flower

Narcissus: Missing Nymph

Friends of Narcissus Nymph reported on Monday that he had been missing for several days. The local demi-Gods were notified and the almighty Zeus, and his wife, Hera, were told shortly after. Goddess Diana Huntress was sent out with her trusty pack of hounds but had found nothing by the end of the day Monday. Hera, distressed by the sudden disappearance of so beloved a nymph, called upon the mighty Hercules to search for and find Narcissus. However his efforts proved futile and he now remains in solitary confinement as this, his first defeat, caused minor psychological distress. On Thursday the inhabitants of the village of Shadow Olympus reported seeing Hades ascend Mount Olympus and deduced it meant only one thing. Shortly after Hades descended back down Mount Olympus and boarded his boat on the River Styx to journey home, Zeus announced that he would withdraw his searchers as Hades had confirmed Narcissus' death.

"He contentedly rests in the Underworld, staring at himself in the river," a source heard Hades report to Zeus.

In despair, the nymphs of the Forest Olympus banded together and were determined to find their beloved friend's body so that they might give it a proper burial. Shortly after their search began they discovered new evidence concerning Narcissus and the nymph Echo, one of Hera's favored nymphs who often visited the goddess queen in court to tell her stories. A search for Echo ensued but the lady in question was not found. When Hera was questioned she only replied, "That cursed lady shall never be able to tell you what happened for she can speak no words of her own." Though Echo was never found, a shadow of her was reportedly seen deep in the woods and also in a cave.

The nymphs ended their search when they found a pool deep in Forest Olympus which was a perfect mirror. They judged this to be the place of Narcissus' death as they remembered how fondly he used to gaze at himself. Strangely, Narcissus' body was not found; however the pool was surrounded by a strange flower never seen before - with a yellow center and white petals. When asked what it was the flower nymphs could only shrug and say, "We've never seen it before."

In honor of their fallen friend, the nymphs dubbed the flower Narcissus.

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