The Tech Days of December

Because the 12 Days of Christmas aren't long enough...

On the 23rd day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

Looking for a different way to send email? Try an eyejot! Eyejot video messages are a fun alternative to the sometimes blah email that gets sent. Messages up to 5 minutes can be sent.

Before you leave for break, be sure to check out this special message from Santa himself! He and his elves are excited about all the hard work you are doing integrating technology tips and tricks into your classroom and your daily lives. Hope you have a safe and relaxing winter break. Happy Holidays!

On the 22nd day of Christmas my Tech Elves gave to me...

A promise that we are almost done... we hope that you have tried a few of the tech tips and tricks. We know that this is a busy time of year! Hopefully, you can a take a few minutes over the break to pick a tip to try out.

A tutorial on Screencastify and Snagit... great tools for making tutorials, recording lessons or sharing tips. Students can even use these apps/extensions to record problem-solving steps, explanations of planners, or many other uses. Here is an example of a student Screencast from last year's tech rotation.

A reminder about our school subscription to BookFlix. If you haven't used BookFlix in awhile, check it out. Username: newglarus Password: knights

On the 21st day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

A day full of shortcuts...

A quick tutorial on QR Stuff. Once you start with QR codes, it hard to stop.

A tutorial of URL Shortener to make life a little easier.

A cheat sheet of Chromebook keyboard shortcuts that you will for sure want to bookmark for later. Here's a fun tip: Press Ctrl + ALt + ? to see a map of these shortcuts on your screen.

Did you know...if you click on a piece of text 3 times, it will highlight the entire paragraph or entry? There will be no more dragging to highlight full sentences! Try it out for a fun new highlighting technique.

On the 18th Day of December my Tech Elves gave to me...

A feel good moment from Kid President: Upgrade the World

A tutorial on Voxer... feel free to Vox us tech questions!

A look at some cool Smart Notebook tools and a glimpse at Smart Exchange... no need to reinvent the technology wheel, so many amazing Smartboard files are already created and waiting for you...

Looking for a quick reference for Common Core Standards to help with alignment and creating I Can Statements? Check out this short tutorial on the Common Core Explorer.

On the 17th Day of December my Tech Elves gave to me...

A tutorial on Zoobe (super cute app, but definitely a teacher only app)

Another look at Google Classroom

Tips for organizing your Google Drive (not quite time for spring cleaning yet, but if your drive is as cluttered as mine, we should start now!)

A handy way to tackle the books on the Battle of the Books List

A reminder to shut down your device and/or restart to allow updates to happen.

On the 16th day of December my Tech Elves gave to me...

A look at Symbaloo (a cool way to organize and share your favorite web resources and sites)

A look at Flocabulary (thanks to Julie Slattery for sharing this site) - rock out to educational songs and raps!

A look at a few great apps/sites. These would be great to use on the Smartboard!

On the 15th day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

A Common Sense Media tutorial filled with tips on how to keep your students and your own children safe online.

A SoundCloud sample for fun. I just came across this site recently so I'm rather new to it. Seems as though recordings can be used throughout Google Drive and can be linked to other documents as well. Shout out to 5C for the amazing singing voices!

On the 14th day of December my Tech Elves gave to me...

A look at Google Classroom and an open invitation to join our Tech Google Classroom (use class code 9rtjrzz). When you create your Google Classroom account, make sure to select teacher.

A review of Padlet and Today's Meet. Both of these are simple and you could use them today in your classroom!

Just a reminder to sign up for EdCamp... it is truly worth your time!

On the 11th day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

A keyboarding sampler platter. A little bit of home row, a little bit of words per minute. Watch the keyboarding tutorial to find out more specifics.

*Curious about what students should be expected to type at various grade levels? Check out this little cheat sheet to get more info.

A Thinglink on Badgerlink, a free research resource for Wisconsin citizens. Click on each of the tags (book icon) on the Thinglink and you'll be directed to tutorials on general Badgerlink info as well as tutorials on Explora and Britannica through the site.

On the tenth day of December my Tech Elves gave to me...

A quick look at GoNoodle - a great collection of music videos to dance and move to.

A reminder of with a glimpse at how the Language Arts section matches up to our WA! curriculum.

A tutorial on ThingLink (our 3rd, 4th and 3/4 kiddos are working on Wisconsin ThingLinks) and a few samples of 5th Grade ThingLinks.

A Zoobe invitation to register for EdCamp. If you haven't gone to an EdCamp before, please think about going to this one! You do not need to be a tech expert to go. EdCamp is designed for learners of all skills and confidence levels. (A Zoobe tutorial will be coming soon.)

On the ninth day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

A quick Paper 53 tutorial for the iPad. Paper 53 is a neat drawing app for students to use. The best part...students can email their drawings to themselves, save it in their drive and then upload it into any other program they choose! So many fun options!

Looking for a unique way to share all the pictures you have taken throughout the year? Try a Loupe Collage.

On the eighth day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

A Tynker tutorial to celebrate the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code in intended to encourage students as young as 6 to code for at least one hour throughout the week of December 7 - 11. Tynker is just one great coding resource and our students have accounts too!

A link to the SLATE conference! SLATE is an amazing tech conference that will leave your head spinning with ideas. Be sure to check out the Handouts tab on the site. Many presenters have handouts, materials and other ideas from their presentations that can be used by you. Enjoy!

On the seventh day of December my Tech Elves gave to me... (yes the elves took the weekend off)

A review of Kahoot. If you haven't tried it, give it a few minutes of your time. You will love it and so will your kids!

  • Play a Wisconsin Kahoot and see how much you know about WI!
  • A quick Kahoot story... one of my math students even talked his parents into creating an account so he could do Kahoots at a sleepover!

Are you a pro at Kahoot and looking for something new? Try FlipQuiz! This is a great Jeopardy style game. Check out the Battle of the Books FlipQuiz!

Educreations is a great way to quickly record a lesson. I love using Educreations on PLC Mondays so the substitute in my room can simply hit play! Here is a sample cursive lesson.

Click on the blue links above for tutorials/examples and the red buttons below to visit the sites/apps.

On the fourth day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

The most amazing iPad gadget of year! Check out Osmo in's a ridiculous amount of fun.

A Gami simply because it's a quick and different way to share a message.

If you are looking for an easy way to upload videos and save online and share with families, Vimeo is a great option. You can get a free account that simply limits the amount of video you can upload each week, but resets each and every week.

On the third day of December my Tech Elves gave to me...

A teacher tutorial on Voki.

An oldie teacher tutorial on Audio Recorder (from last year's staff meeting) and an updated/simplified student/teacher tutorial of Audio Recorder.

A student sample of a WA! verbal rehearsal with Audio Recorder.

Plus a bonus student tutorial on adding an Audio Recorder download to a Google Classroom assignment!

A tutorial on how to add apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Click the links above (blue words) to watch the tutorials and the red buttons below to visit the sites/apps.

On the second day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

A Haiku Deck full of neat ideas for both the iPad and Chromebooks.

On the first day of December, my Tech Elves gave to me...

An exciting new bulletin board in the lounge!

An oldie but a goodie site/app... check out your Tech Elves!

A way to jazz up newsletters and s'more fun ideas!

Click the links above to view more info and the buttons below to view the sites.

Stay tuned... more tech tips coming each day from your Technology Elves!

Tech Brag Board

Please help us collaborate on technology use! Check out the bulletin board in the lounge and add a star with how you use tech. You can add as many stars/brags as you want! Some ideas to share... you did a padlet with your class, a new-to-you site/app, a technology center idea, a troubleshooting success moment, you assigned an assignment in Google Classroom, a cool aha from a student... anything tech! A drawing will be held sometime soon for some great tech prizes!