Why we eat What we eat

Morgan Adelman

Have you ever wonder why we eat what we eat

one that actually stands to threaten our health and well being. Many times, the reason we eat has less to do with sustenance and more to do with taste. Moreover, our daily food choices are influenced by a variety of other factors including the social situations we find ourselves in, our budgets, sleep schedules, and stress levels, as well as the amount of time we have to prepare and eat a meal.


Have you ever wonder how media has an influences on what we eat well there is

  • Facebook
  • tv
  • websites
  • And so much more


How much money that we have also influences where had how much we eat out and also eat at home you may not be able to make what they make at the restrunts but you can make something close to it at home for less money


Where you live also has a lot to do with it. LIke people form Texas life to eat beef. North Carolina Like to eat pork. Also there are like thing that who you are and what your family is and what you believe in


Well this is like the Media

  • what you see on you phone
  • what you see at the stores
  • what you see how


this is really how you feel there is also a lot of people that eat when they are not happy they will eat other that are apply will eat it just who you are


This is what you mind thinks so where is think that you are fat there in you mind you will not eat for a whaile and other thing but just be happy with yourself :)

Personal ( likes and Dislike)

i mean i like food and when i go back to tx i will be eating a lot of beef

but who i am also has a big impact on what i eat and other things but mostly i miss steak and other thing

Culture and Customs

When it is Christmas what do you do for some it sitting around the trees telling stores and for other it is well the food and how much you eat and so much more but the main thing is that you are with family and s=just being with each other


Most people have chistames and thanksgiving and other but there are some that have the fourth of july and for that i go to oklahoma and we have bbq and spend the hole day outside