Riah's Rainbow (National)

Micki Klein

What Micki Klein has done to help the community

Provides community craft idems and helps others in the hospital from the community, city, or anywhere. All the craft idems are for children, teens, or anyone who wants them for any length of time.


Impact on the community

It helped the community by bringing smiles to kids faces of patients for any time. Kids are not some scared to go to the hospital. Helps kids enjoy arts and crafts. Also, it helps there minds stay of the problem.


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Background Information on Micki Klein

Micki Klein is Mariah's mom who is also her moms inspiration. Her daughter (Mariah) loved arts and crafts so she thought it might be fun for other kids in the hospital. Micki Klein's husband (Mike) was like a hero he helped her so very much. Micki's mom's name is Maxine.


Riah's Rainbow

What I Could Do

I could help animals. I could help them by not having them be hunted or abused. Also, proper care like a shelter, food, water, and a bed. The community could help by donating the simple idems. It would help the community by saving more and more animals every day. Also, it would bring smiles to peoples faces and other people to enjoy life. Plus, people would need to worry less when something happens an animal because me and my crew would rescue it. My crew would be called The Wild Tribe. That is what I could do.
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All About Me!!!

Hello, my name is Alexandra wh is an amazing, sweet, caring, and helpful girl in 4th grade. I love animals and some sports are fun too. The sports I like are; swimming, dance, track, and maybe volleyball. I kind of like school. Also, my favorite food is noodles. I have three favorite colors and they are; green, blue, and orange. Also, I have one sister. My sister is in 6th. That is my all about me!!