Huge Waves of Doom!

How do Tsunamis Form?

There are many ways that tsunamis can form. First, take a underwater earthquake for a example they are the most common way that tsunamis form. Then there are also other ways like changing of underwater plates and a tsunami can also be formed by underwater volcanos erupting. Sometimes a tsunami can even be formed by meteors Wow!


How Often does a Major Tsunami Occur?

First, A major tsunami is guaranteed once every 15 years. Every year there are about 2 tsunamis that are not major. However, out of the last 20 tsunami warnings since 1949 only 5 of them are major.

How fast can a tsunami be?

a tsunami can be up to five hundred miles per hour (800 kilometers). Sometimes it can lose speed as it goes but that doesn't mean that it is not super fast! Sometimes a tsunami can travel the entire ocean in a day. Wow!