From Room 52

May 2-6, 2016

What We Are Learning This Week

This year is flying by! Your students have been great in accommodating to LOTS of changes that have been happening around campus and to our schedule. This week, we are continuing Boot Camp in preparation for STAAR Math and Reading retests and STAAR Science next week.


We will be working in stations on critical thinking and problem solving with a variety of math applications.


We will be finishing our Eco Forts. They are looking amazing! We will also continue STAAR Science Boot Camp this week. Students will have an hour of content reteaching, review, and assessment and a second hour of station applications. We will be focusing on the water cycle, weather and climate, characteristics and effects of the sun, the Earth, and the moon, rapid and slow changes to landforms, renewable and nonrenewable resources, fossils, and ecosystems.


We will finish researching our topics, taking notes, and citing our sources. I will then introduce creating outlines and the basics of writing a research paper.

Social Studies

We will finish discussing World War II and the Cold War, including multiple perspectives on the war, causes and effects, and changes in society.

Upcoming Dates

This Week

05/05- Skate Night

Next Week

05/09- STAAR Math Retest

05/10- STAAR Reading Retest

05/11- STAAR Science