Analysis of Judy

Katie Ward

Character Traits

Judy is a young girl trying to control and cope with the transformation into a young women. With the transformation comes many family issues which she deals with by rebelling. Some of her many characteristics that came with her rebelling was that she was wild, Sad, and a Flirt. Judy showed her wild side to us in the movie by rebelling and going out with the leader of "The Kids" group. They were the baddest/popular group of the school and thought they ran the place. Judy many times would disrespect her parents and than run off for the night breaking curfew many times. From the begging of the movie we were introduced to Judy as being a sad confused girl. She was sad because her father called her a shank Throughout the movie she had no connection with her parents and seeked attention from them with every thing she did. Judy went through a lot during the movie, including the death of her boyfriend and getting hauled in by the police for breaking curfew and looking for "Company." Judy seemed to be a big flirt during the movie also. On the very first day of school she got out of the car and was showing off to Jim. The death of her boyfriend didn't seem to phase her one bit, and the same night she ran off with Jim. She even went as far as saying that she was in love with Jim, only knowing him for a day or two.

Rebel with a Cause

Judy had a very poor relationship with her father. She was growing up and turning into a young lady and her father couldn't handle that fact. Judy was wearing makeup, dressing different, and going out later. Her mother understood that it was just a time in Judy's life that nothing seemed right and she was going through a difficult time. On the other hand Judy's father thought that her wearing makeup and dressing different meant that his little girl was turning into a shank. With her father rebelling against Judy's change she felt like she had no other option but to rebel herself. With Judy's rebelling actions she did everything she could do to just fit in, and do something right for someone. Judy wanted to fit into the crowd of people and have an important role with them. By wearing all the make up and dressing different she got the attention from others that she seeked to get from her father.

Judy's Change

When we first meet Judy in the begging of the movie she was a sad, hopeless girl. Throughout the movie we learned that her family life with her father wasn't the greatest and that her actions were just to chetch his attention. Through Jim she found the attention and love that she wanted all along. She learned what love truly was, not that all the attention was given to her, but she had to give the same attention to others. At the ending of the movie Judy said that love was going to be easy now, with that statement I believe that she will be more comfortable with man and even her own father.


There were many symbolic relations in the movie. One of them was the Mansion, which symbolized family and protection. Well the three teens were at the mansion they acquired roles as a family playing house and it showed what they were missing. They tried to put their life's back together with each other, and be a "family" in a way.


I think that the main theme of the movie was family. The three teens were rebelling because they didn't get the attention and support that they needed/seaked from their parents and people around them. I think the biggest lesson from this movie that I got was to pay attention to the people around you and that love isn't all about just receiving attention, but in order to get that you have to put the same amount of attention back out.


"For what reason do Jim's parents want Jim to stay home instead of going to the police after Buzz died?"

Jim has a past of being a rebel and causing trouble, which then makes his family move around a lot. I think that his parents are just use to hiding Jim's mistakes and moving on trying to protect him. If Jim would have gone to the police it would have caused Jim's family to pack their bags up and go to a place where no one new them and they would have a fresh reputation. They can't handle the fact of facing the consequences of messing up and doing bad.