Julia's Perspective


i had seen this big box just about Ruby size and was trying to take Ruby zoo keeper. And than when Ruby was in her cage and the I try putting the cage and front of Ruby home so she would get in it.And Ruby was nervous because she didn't no what this was she did not no what to do so she didn't do nothing but just sat there. When i came home from school and i seen that lady I get very happy.But than I was so happy everything I want to school and came back she was there and i was very happy because i knew her. Than she was the nice thing I ever know in the world.I can't believe I went into the box I am very happy I did.Then Ivan said i can't believe she really going in the box she did it. Ivan had said good job Ruby but you know I am going to miss you very much just I am going to talk about you everyday miss you.I will remember you everyday love you.
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