Spring Break 2016


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My trip to work


During my spring break I literally worked all day and part of the night partially over 55 hrs worth of work not including over time.

The same routine every single day. Waking up eat breakfast and head to work.

Parent's Surprisingly bought me my truck!!!

It was the third day of spring break i had just got off work. When my parents texted me to meet them at the 1800 Mexican restaurant for dinner.

When i arrived i walked in and of course family gathered up to enjoy dinner together.

When i sat down i saw my parents grinning or should say smirking. I asked them so what's going on here?....

My parents takes out a small box and they said open!

I took the box i opened and it had a toy truck. I laughed because i thought it was a joke. so parents laughed as well. i put that to aside and the food arrived. We all ate and had good time. until it was time for us to go home. We all stepped out and all of a sudden my father hands me keys.. so i had to press the panic button because there were so many vehicle in the parking lot until i saw a grey F-150 I just couldn't believe it. I ran to my parents to thank them.