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Zinc is a part of the Periodic Table of Elements, it has an atomic mass of 65.38. Zinc's atomic number is 30 and the atomic symbol is Zn. It has 30 electrons, 30 protons and 35 neutrons. The electron configuration is 1s22s2p63s2p6d104z2, electron configuration is the distribution of electrons of an atom or molecule. The group of Zinc is group 12 and it's period is 4. It boils at 907 degrees celsius, solid at room temperature. Zinc is shiny-bluish white with some yellow tinge, brittle and hard also malleable, metal. [Ar] 3d104s2 is the valence electrons, this means the electrons available for bonding in the outermost shell. Zinc is used in many ways such as a way to keep other metals from corrosion. Some smaller ways it's used is in paint and rubber. Die castings are also a product of Zinc. Zinc is naturally occurring in earth's crust.



Many people think a man named Andreas Marggraf found Zinc in 1746, but it was in India and China long before Andreas 'discovered' it. Zinc can be found in the United States, Australia, Canada, Turkey and Russia. The date of when Zinc was actually discovered is sadly, unknown.

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Periodic Table picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/35685856@N03/3303889941/in/photolist-a5EjSq-845tDt-8VgAJb-dLJ7zD-f5DLwD-9RKtnQ-7ijurR-masmdo-masqos-67LsFg-62XinF-4u8oog-7MJ4Lr-6RhnRU-8vosSK-6Rdk7p-8e4vos-8sZN1w-8rctdN-5LKyj4-8tYh8Q-8zdJ2w-32kAj-6RhnPQ-6Rhnxw-bvu622-6RdkgD-jR3TrR-7S3R3v-7f3Ftq-6AcBru-4D6PTB-9SnhhB-5hsteS-5hstf5-6Hvz6S-5itSZs-5hstfb-848NAg-8bKpvL-rH5qH-8bG7F4-8bG7Wc-8bG7KB-8bG7QT-6Db194-7SSKUW-avCHRG-4RzsH4-oUxoK

Zinc picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/31856336@N03/8974730228/in/photolist-eF4QC5-4yJdMZ-5JGNFD-rBqNkd-813LHP-4yNwaS-oZiBEm-oZiBi9-qcHdxA-6EnjAM-dkzpfK-oVy81w-7YWPej-pF92tR-dB8jMV-4DcYb2-bkfKRM-7pbjmo-5aWEP2-hgw4R-qBjw3R-727JhN-9iFvjj-4yNvi3-5vaeTe-4DheBN-8rBFvF-qkvmFH-dB8ge6-8d5TqV-8d9bHE-5vnJce-8wYjJM-eDZ9Ub-4yJe2D-dRjsCb-egiPCK-4DB3yU-ehaVhC-g7DWw-7YTA2T-2NsuwD-6rah13-4d1wzg-4d1tKk-4d1bDV-7YTtsP-4d1d9c-4d58t1-4d1mw8

Periodic Table video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RRVV4Diomg

Chilled Brass picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/core-materials/3840914894/in/photolist-6RpGbA-6RnfKJ-6RpGiC-6RnfFd-6Rnh9N-6Rn3Qw-6Rn3UW-6RhZZe-6RiaWe-6Rndk1-6Rn3zU-6RkBtv-6RnhFL-vLXcr-bnt8MG-6RkXGT-6QTYtq-6QTZS9-6QUd3y-6QUdp3-6QUd7G--6QUpbj-6Rn3sd-6RpJah-6RpFX9-6RhHRK-6RpJ5w-6RhZEZ-6RkCbx-6QQji2-6RhZAV-6Rn3iy-6RhZQR-6RpJhj-6QQa2k-6RkDLD-6RmLDG-6QUp6U-6RnfuE-6RpG2Y-6RpJp9-6RicuB-6RpHYW-6QUdhS-6RneYL-6RpHUG-6RieFX-6RicDr-6Rnfif


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