Rhiannon Pletka 3rd period

The Traditional Way

Traditionally s'mores are cooked over the bonfire when going camping or having a little get together. Although it can be cooked in the kitchen if necessary. Some people think s'mores can't be fun to make without the traditional way, however they can. Making them on the stove is ok but you should really be out having fun with the family outside. No one is really sure who invented S'mores because it has been passed down so much.

How To Make Them

There are many different ways to make them, it all really just depends on the person some may like burnt marshmallows, some may like the just the right amount of soft. But here is how there supposed to be made. Take two square sheets of gram cracker, put one small rectangle of chocolate on the gram cracker then comes the fun part you take one marshmallow toast it over the fire then gently slide it onto the cracker and chocolate. When you have completed those tasks it's ready to be popped in to your mouth.