Jasmine Zavala

who what when where why

On 911 (September 11, 2001) there where terrorists who had attacked the United states. Four planes where hijacked by these terrorists and they used two of them to attack on the twin towers in New York City. One was attacked first and shortly after the second was also attacked. they both caught fire and collapsed. The third plane hit the pentagon which is the U.S Military head quarters and the fourth plane crashed in shanksville, Pennsylvania. 19 terrorist where involved in this and killed almost over 3,000 people. Their leader was Osama Bin Laden.

perspective number 1

One perspective the media had about 911 was that it was done by "Muslims" and they talked so badly and so reckless about their religion that it encouraged many many people to hate all Muslims. It caused people that didn't even have complete knowledge on everything that happened on 911 to hat a whole race and religion based on what terrorists did. Which made those of many of that religion insecure and feel abnormal. The terrorists where actually Islamic and from several Arab nations. There are also always pictures on the media that show people giving those that all look to be Muslim or have a turban on as apart of that attackers or ISIS.

perspective number 2

Some of the articles tried blaming the president and the U.S military and other people of such authority for everything that happened. They where trying to turn people against those that couldn't stop the actions that took place on 911. They also turned everything around and instead of making this about the very poor loss thousands of people lost that day they made it about pointing fingers and both the right and wrong people.

media bias

The main bias for 911 would be bias in politics and media. Most of the articles for 911 where made to please advertisers. The main audience were families of those that died and angry citizens. However they also used much of the mainstream bias which is reporting the same things everyone else is reporting, so that no one gets upset or offended. Most were trying to be involved but just not shot down. Also didn't want to target their companies by showing any type of compassion to what happened.

criticism 1

Of course the number one criticism is going to be historical. 911 is something that is special and something that American will NEVER forget. The articles, tragedies, people, etc. and the event it's self will for ever be a stand out mark in history. This shall never be forgotten as it was the day american was really attacked.

criticism 2

This has a lot to do with cultural criticism after the media showed "Muslims" to be horrible people that are only good for attacking states and killing people. Also the media splits into different cultures by the economy and their viewers. Making it easier to cause hatred against these people that are Innocent.
Here's a good 3 min 9/11 Clip worth seeing!