Marie Lupo

Meets with wonder and amazement!

A little about me!

I have been teaching for 16 years. I have taught AIG for 8 years. I am graduate of East Carolina with a Bachelor's of Science in Math and Language Arts Middle Grades Education.

I have an AIG certification and AVID training.

I have two children Na'yon, 10, and Joss, 5. They are my smiles in my heart.

I have been blessed surviving cancer. I am a SURVIVOR! Pink is my favorite color... for a reason!

What kind of animal am I?

The Owl—Collaborators:

  1. Owls highly value their own goals and relationships. I agree I value both mine and other peoples I work with goals.

  2. They view conflicts as problems to be solved and seek a solution that achieves both their own goals and the goals of the other person in the conflict.

  3. Owls see conflicts as improving relationships by reducing tension between two people.

  4. They try to begin a discussion that identifies the conflict as a problem.

  5. By seeking solutions that satisfy both themselves and the other person, owls maintain the relationship. Owls are not satisfied until a solution is found that achieves their own goals and the other person’s goals. And they are not satisfied until the tensions and negative feelings have been fully resolved.

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A few 'snaps' of my life.

My Conflict Poem- Micro Me


I am Asian, Mother, Daughter, Christian

Who loves: My kids doing well, family time, Home cooking

Who hates: Bigots, Evil, Alarm clocks

Who is happy when: My kids succeed, I have Starbucks in my cup, with my family

I am sad when: there is injustice, No Starbucks in my cup, Far away from family

I am excited when: I am paid, everyone works together

I am angry: kids are mistreated, Veterans are not respected

I feel safe when: I am with GOD, with my family

I fear: disappointing GOD, making the wrong decision with my kiddos


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Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)