Abortion Debate

Con's of Abortion

Opening Statement

Abortion, the killing of a baby still in the mother's womb…. why? If we have overcome slavery, being able to kill, war… then why are we still allowing abortion? In a lot of situations you’re first priority is to keep the children safe right? Well then why are we killing INNOCENT CHILDREN? Maybe the person getting the abortion was raped or the mom and dad broke up but you know why they have adoption…. To give kids who have moms and/or dad's that can't take care of them for whatever reason, life and you know why else there is such thing as adoption? Because there are people out there who cannot have kids!! Their are 1.1 million U.S. abortions each year. We need to STOP KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN.

Baby feels pain during Abortion.

Stating arguments.


If a woman was raped then you are punishing an INNOCENT CHILD. If you think about it the baby did literally nothing to you.


Woman should not use abortion as a source of birth control. There are other forms of birth control that does not take away someone's life. - ProCon.Org


Federal law prohibits the death penalty for pregnant women until they give birth. (18 U.S.C.A. S.3596) In essence, the law declared that an innocent unborn person cannot be sentenced and put to death for a crime he did not commit. If the unborn child were not seen as a person in the eyes of the law, there would be no need for this prohibition. - Live Action New's Website

Against My Religion


Kai Argument - it is Her body so does She or does She not have a right to Her body

Counter Argument - Yes the Baby is in Her body and depends on Her but the baby is also not an extra arm or leg it is a human being and also part of the Dad if you think about it...

Kai Argument - What if the Women was raped

Counter Argument - One word... Adoption

Kai Argument - What if the Woman has a medical condition and will die if She gives birth

Counter Argument - their might be another way... C section....

Their is a thing called Adoption. (And Birth Control)

Finishing Statement

My last point is the cold hard truth that the baby DOES FEEL PAIN. (I do not know where you got the whole “Abortion is painless but it was a lie!!” according to list land and one other site “ Look at some of the new 4d scans of very young fetuses. As early as 12 weeks they are, if small, fully formed human beings, they have eyes, fingers, toes, heart and a nervous system. By 8 weeks gestation a fetus can flex their spine, an indication that enough of a nervous system exists to enable it to feel pain. While fetuses of that age lack a fully developed cortex experiments on animals lacking a cortex show that they with draw from painful stimuli. Dr Nathanson, an early proponent of abortion became a pro-life campaigner after he saw 12 week fetuses shrink from instruments and open their mouths in a scream during an abortion.”