Westward Expansion

by skittles blankenship

Lousiana Purchase

The Lousiana Purchace started when Thomas Jefferson spent 15,000 to buy from the appalation mountains to the mississippi river.15,000 sounds like a fortune now but back then it was a reasonable bargan.After it was purchased Jefferson sent Lowis and Clark along with many others to explore the land.

Trails West

Many people travled west in covered wagons.But Lots of people (men) walked along side the wagon to let the Mules/Cows carry a lighter load.Once at the destanation many familys just settled down and build homes.

Gold Rush

The California gold rush started with one piece of gold. Soon the word got out and many people left their homes to go find the rich mineral.Many others got more money than the people that actually mined.They set up stands and soon hotels for the travelers.