Objectives in the Classroom

By: Taryn Smith

Content Objectives

When lesson planning, content objectives are going to be what guide your lesson and help you to teach and to help the students to learn. There are ways in which the content objectives should be written to get maximum potential out of them. It is always best to stick with the common core standards when creating your content objectives. These objectives should be attainable for all students and read aloud to them and also posted for the students to read. There are many advantages that come when we, as teachers, read the objectives to the students and also have them placed for the student to see.

Advantages to writing content and language objectives for students to hear and see

  • Constant reminder of what is suppose to be achieved during the lesson
  • Gives direction for the lesson
  • Helps the students to know what is to learned once the lesson is over
  • Students know what language skills they should have worked on or mastered
  • Content objectives focus the teacher to stay on topic of the lesson
  • Through assessment you can see what objectives were reached
  • By reading the objectives to the class academic language is being built
  • Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2013) argue that we need to develop the language objectives so that as teachers we can look deeper into the language that is being used to help convey the information better to our students

Language Objectives

The language objectives of a lesson should work hand in had with your objectives written for content. Through these objectives, language, you as the teacher are building the language of the students in the classroom. These objectives are going to help the students to learn or master the English language through academics. As with the content objectives, it is also important to post the objectives and also say the objectives with the class. Also at the end of the lesson it is good to review what the objectives were and see if there was a completion of the objectives,

Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2013) argue that.....

"Presenting objectives each day can be challenging to teachers. But the effort is worth it."

As long as they are posted in the classroom, it doesn't matter how simple or elaborately decorated they are, the students will still benefit from them.

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Lesson Preparation Video

Through this short little snip-it of video that was presented to the class to watch there was a portion that stood out to me. Vogt (n.d) argues that when teaching a lesson there are steps that are taken to make sure that the students are understanding and learning the information. These steps are: Assessment, Teaching, Reteaching, and Assessment. This information that was given through the video is a great way to help the teacher and the students in the classroom