What's a Dorgard?

MechLite takes a look at the Dorgard, and why it's awesome!

Dodgy fire door

We've all seen or achieved it before! A fire door squeezed open on a toasty summers day or the fire door propped exposed to ensure that people can effortlessly travel by, even so it is illegal and dangerous to carry out this, in fact it is a unmediated contravention of Fire Safety laws and regulations in the UK. In the event of a fire, this dangerous practice will cause the fire diffusing faster, leading to more damage and posing peoples lives in harms way.

Buy a Dorgard from MechLite

The best legal option

Dorgard allows you to legally and cautiously keep fire doors open, by making it possible for the door to shut the instance the fire alarm sounds stopping the increase of flames and smoke. Set up onto the rear of the fire door within just 5 minutes, Dorgard is listening out for a continuous fire alarm of 65dBA or more.

Easy Installation

Establishing the Dorgard takes simply a handful of minutes. It is entirely wireless and battery run. First, open the surface section of the Dorgard by using a screwdriver, and install the batteries. The 2 C-sized batteries supplied usually survive for around a year.

It is advocated that fire doors are shut in the night; hence Dorgard has an automatic night-time release function. To enable this, choose the night time DIP switch on the rear of the unit. Also, observe the serial number in the Maintenance Record, provided within the Fitting & Operating guide.

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