Works Progress Administration

by Jacob Satterfield and Tristan Williams

Who was helped by this? What was the program intended to do? Does it still exist?

This New Deal created millions of new jobs for Americans across the nation. Construction became a more applicable to lives of the citizens. The program helped people in poverty from the great depression. This program still exists today because people still need jobs that are in poverty .

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Is this a Recovery ? How does this program add to your understanding of the great depression?

This program is a recovery because it was simply a plan to help citizens recover from poverty. This program betters my understanding of the great depression because it shows the desperate need for people to have jobs and help the economy boom again.
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We Work Again 1937 Works Progress Administration WPA

3 Main Points

1. Without jobs we have no money and without money we cannot thrive as a nation

2. The WPA comes a long and it gives us jobs and helps us build from the ground up

3. Hundred s of homes became available because of the WPA. People became happier after the Great Depression.