Types of Stress

By: Taylore, Jane, Madison, and Rachel

Episodic stress

Episodic stress is an acute stress that is more frequent. (acute stress is associated with things in every day life scenarios)


  • people who seem to be in a rush
  • take on too much responsibility
  • are NOT able to organize themselves
  • hard to deal with demands and pressure


  • effect your personal skills
  • hostile towards others
  • persistent tension
  • a lot of health problems such as headaches, chest pain, etc.


  • taking too many AP classes, you have to be able to balance that then stay an electives and sports! There are too many things to handle.

Emotional Stress

Out of all the types of stress, emotional stress is the most common type.


  • intense break up or divorce
  • loss of a loved one
  • have a fight with a loved one


  • Can cause depression or anxiousness


You get into a fight with a loved one and you end up getting a divorce. This could cause emotional stress.

Chronic Stress

This is grinding stress that grinds on people day after day. It destroys bodies, minds, and lives. It comes when people never see a way out of a situation or when you get unrelenting demands and pressure for long periods of time. its difficult to treat and may require medical treatment.


  • stress over poverty
  • dysfunctional families
  • trapped in an unhappy marriage
  • trapped in a despised job
  • traumatic experience
  • early childhood experiences

Kills through:



heart attack


occasionally cancer