December PD

Technology Inservice @ Smyrna Middle School

OneNote Class Notebook

Organize and share your files electronically using Office 365 One Note. Learn how you can create OneNote notebooks for cloud based organizations and file sharing. Dig deeper to deliver curriculum and collaborate with students and colleagues. This is a tool you've got to see!

**This is THE way to share files in Office 365. You can share teacher to student, student to teacher, and student to student! Just think of an online Trapper Keeper!! When you pull up your ClassNotebook each student's notebook shows up and you can see, edit & annotate anything in the student's portion of the notebook! No more taking papers home to grade. Just log in, and you'll see everything organized in one spot. Student's can collaborate on projects, papers, assignments, etc, inside the notebook. This is such an awesome tool!

OneNote Class Notebook PD

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 3:45-5:15pm

SMS Lab #115

Please RSVP using my calendar invite, but you MUST REGISTER ON SCHOOLSTATION!