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May 26th - May 30th

What we are learning this week....

Math and Social Studies: This week, we will integrate Social Studies and Math through economics! We will look at goods/services, consumers/producers and saving/spending.

Language Arts: As you know, a few weeks ago students chose a chapter book to read during class. Students have already been told that they need to have the book finished by Tuesday. We will be spending some class time working on a choice board with different activities book activities! We will also be starting a new writing piece on our favorite thing about 2nd grade!

We LOVE Berkley!

As you probably know, this year we have had a WONDERFUL student from Coppell High School in our classroom every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30-11:00. Berkley has really become a part of our class, she was even in our class picture this year! She has gotten to know each student in 2C and has worked individually with all of them multiple times, she joined us all day for our field trip and for field day. We are so lucky to have had her all year! As she is preparing for graduation from high school, she is planning to attend the University of Kentucky! I would love to have a small celebration for her next Friday, May 30th. I am planning to order a few different things for her off www.etsy.com including a monogrammed UK keychain, UK hair ties and a monogrammed tumbler cup. I also got her a picture frame with the class picture from field day and plan to get cookies for us to celebrate her last day and her graduation! If you would like to donate, $1-$2 per child would be awesome! Also, if your child would like to make her a card, I know she would really love it. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you so much!


We are looking for a volunteer for THIS THURSDAY, May 29th and next Wednesday, June 4th! Here is the link to the spring lunch room volunteer sign up:


Important Dates

*May 26th- No School

*May 27th- 2nd Grade Musical at 6:30 PM

*May 30th- Yearbook signing party and yearbooks will go home

*June 5th- Last day of school, report cards go home and dismissal at 12:50 PM

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