Ogallala Dry-Up

The Aquifer is Dying

Ogallala Aquifer

The Ogallala aquifer is drying up and we can save it. The aquifer supplies water for many farmers in the south and could be a serious problem if it runs dry. About 30% of the aquifer's water is being used, but it's also being misused. The aquifer is almost drying up faster than we can fill it, and something needs to change.

Water Usage

Without the aquifer, many of the nations crops will die. The aquifer is used by many farmers and also recreational use, but mostly misused or overused. If we stop overusing the water the Ogallala aquifer could be full once again.

What happens if we can't solve this problem?

The Aquifer's Future Years

If the aquifer doesn't fill in the next few decades, there will be a significant impact on food production because the crops would be unable to grow without the water. According to a study by engineering professors at Kansas State, the aquifer will be 60% depleted by 2060 unless water use is reduced now.

How Could We fix this?

Solutions to The Aquifers Depletion

If society doesn't realize the problem soon, the problem will just get worse. If we can cut back on water usage by 20% today, it will improve the waters life which over all improves the crops life in the future years. Farmers are also finding ways to preserve the water in order to keep the aquifer alive.
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