Three European Countries

by Chaz Love


Constitutional monarchy

"Luxembourg is led by Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and Deputy Prime Minister Jean Asselborn, their power is limited, along with their cabinet including:

  • Min. of Finance Luc Frieden
  • Min. of Defense Jean-Marie Halsdorf
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn
  • Min. of Justice Francois Biltgen"

Luxembourg is part of the European Union.

"Luxembourg, rated Aaa/ AAA, moved a step closer towards the issuance of a debut sukuk after the government said this week it has presented a draft bill to parliament to pave the way for the deal."

Vianden Castle

"Vianden Castlein Luxembourg is a picturesque medieval castle begun in the eleventh century. Only completed in the fourteenth century, Vianden Castle became the home of the local counts and countesses."

Wilhelm von Knyphausen- American Revolution general

The population of Luxembourg as of 2012 is about 530,000

The percent arable land is about 11%

Luxembourg uses euros

The human environment interaction in Luxembourg is that people cut down trees to maximize space.

GDP- 57.12 billion

GDP per capita- 107,475.95 USD

1.36 US dollars= 1 euro

Major Brand from Luxembourg- Goodyear Research Centre

"Aided by the high growth rate, state financial policy has contributed decisively to the success of the Luxembourg economy. Despite low tax rates (VAT, income tax and social security contributions), high growth leads to high fiscal income. The extremely low national debt allows such low tax rates, leading to low ancillary wage costs for employers and high take-home pay for employees hence the country’s attraction. Luxembourg is, at least in proportion to wealth generated, a ‘small’ state, which is an additional advantage."

"Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch) is a High German language that is spoken mainly in Luxembourg. About 400,000 people worldwide speak Luxembourgish."

Luxembourg is mainly Catholic.

There are many famous landmarks in Luxembourg such as the Notre Dame cathedral of Luxembourg.

Pate is popular in Luxembourg. Pate is a spread.

There is all kinds of music in Luxembourg, just like America.

Luxembourg is genarally cold with the average temperature in summer about 63 degrees and in the winter it is usually freezing.

Luxembourg is in between Germany, Belgum and France. It is very small.

"The topography of the country is divided very clearly between the hilly Oesling of the northern third of the Grand Duchy and the flat Gutland, which occupies the southern two-thirds. The country's longest river is the Sauer, which is a tributary of the Moselle, the basin of which includes almost all of Luxembourg's area. Other major rivers include the Alzette in the south and the Wiltz in the north."


"The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy"

The Prime Minister of Netherlands is Mark Rutte, his power is limited.

Netherlands is part of the European Union

Current Govenrment event- Amsterdam was recently voted one of the happiest cities.

Historical Event- In 1975 marijuana was decriminalized in Amsterdam

Famous Person from the Netherlands- Vincent vanGough is a famous painter.

Netherlands pop. 16.77 million people

Percent arable land- abbout 11% for perminant growing

Agriculture in the Netherlands can vary from fruits and vegatables to marijuana because recreational marijuana use is permited in Amsterdam.

Human environment interaction- Dutch wooden clog shoes are called kloppen and is made out of willow.

GDP- $772.2 billion

GDP- per capita: $42,900

Curency- Euro

1USD= 1.32 Euros

Major Economic Activities- Many tourists come to the Netherlands

Major Brand from the Netherlands- Shell Gasoline

Language- Dutch

Religion- Mostly Catholic

Famous landmarks of Netherlands- VanGough musem and Anne Frank house.

Food- "Poffertjes are small, fluffy pancakes made with yeast and buckwheat flour"

Dutch Literature includes books such as The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulinsch

The Netherlands borders Germany.

Netherlands' climate is "temperate; marine; cool summers and mild winters"

Netherlands has low-lying topography


Government of Switzerland

"Switzerland is a(n) Federal (Federation) and Republic whose current leader is Chief Executive Ueli Maurer. The chief executive in Switzerland typically has a term length of 1 years. Switzerland's Legislature has 226 seats, and the last legislative elections were in 2011. " The power is limited

Switxerland is not part of the European Union

Currency- Swiss Frank

Current Political concern- The swiss are worried about uncontrolled immigration

Historical event- " Napoleon united the Swiss within slightly different borders in the early nineteenth century, but Switzerland only became a modern federal republic in 1848."

Monument- Habsburg is a beautiful house on the lake

Famous Swiss person- Roger Federer is an amazing tennis player

Population- About 8 million people

Percent arable land- 10.9%

Agriculture of Switzerlaned- They grow food

Human Environment Interaction- Changing Mountains to be suitable for skiing

GDP- 632.2 billlion USD

GDP per capita- 17,000

Currency- Frank

1$= .91 franks

Major economic activities- People visit Switzerland to ski

Famous Brands- Swiss army knifes

Switzerland Official languages- German Language, French Language, Romansh language, Italian Language

Religion- Catholic

Famous landmarks- Many popular ski resorts

Foods- Swiss cheese

Swiss literature varys because there are four different official languages

Relative location- South of Germany

Climate- Cold

Topography- Mountainous