Thirteen Days Till Midnight

By Patrick Carman Flyer By:Savannah Swalve


Do you want to know what its like to have a superpower? Get ready to travel into the world of a teenage boy with the power of indestrucability.

After the shock of a terrible accident with his foster dad, Mr. Fieldings, Jacob walks away without a scratch. He is forced to go back to school . Jacobs friend, Milo, introduces him to Ophelia James, the new girl with a broken arm. Jacob signs her cast with the words YOU ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE. When Ophelia decides to longboard, she stumbles on a rock and faceplants in the middle of the street-- But she isn't hurt. Then, Jacob runs off. He knows what happened . It all made sense now! Why he survived and why Ophelia survived. He tries to do something good with the power, but something goes wrong and everything starts to fall apart.

Read the action packed novel Thirteen Days To Midnight to find out what goes wrong and how Mr. Fieldings stumbled upon the power he gave to Jacob.

Rating and Tease


70% of people would read this invincibliy fun thriller by Patrick Carman.


What would it be like to have super power? What's it like for a 15 year old boy who lived in an orphanage all his life to finally have a home and lose it. Then find he has the power of invinciblity that could save lives.


Symbolism Description: The power in the book symbolizes a black lion, something that claws at your soul till it gets back in and doesnt want to leave . Its like you need something that can't be given to you and you have a passion for something that you cant keep.

Passage from book: Page#:107

I wondered if I would ever get it back and felt a heaviness in my gut as if something were hunkered down, hoping not to be disturbed. I looked at Emily, said the words, and waited. I imagined a black beast leaving my body,hovering around me and wanting back in, then dutifully floating away and dissapearing into Emily's lithe body.

Authors Craft

Every Chapter un-natural survival? Patrick Carman uses the survival to Add suspence to the story. And to add questions like why Ophelia gets darker and darker every time someone survive's . In his suspenseful page turn he shows where death goes when it doesn't come.

Excerpt from book: Page #:247

" You lied to me

"Was I right?" Milo asked, leaning over so he could see the screen.

"Yeah you were right"

You killed that girl! You're a killer! Take it back!"

Intended Audience

Patrick Carman is a wonderful author if you're in MIDDLE SCHOOL, he uses descriptive details for every characters and some aren't mean for a lower age group. If you like gory details and deaths Patrick Carmans the author for you.

Excerpt from book: Page #:285

"'I'm sorry,' she said, pulling the handle slowly toward her. I felt the first jolt come through her face and into the palm of my hand. 'I love you, Ophelia James.'"
When I pulled my hand away, she was gone.The power was mine again, whispered in the quiet of my own head. I'd finally taken it back. I took her hand in my own, pushed the handle down again, and felt her body limp in my arms.
Ophelia James was dead"

Last Words

Do you like Superpowers and invincibility? Of course you do! Have you read what happens when you can skateboard off a building, or better yet get ambushed in a haunted house, and faceplant on a longboard and not get hurt? No? Then you HAVE to stop wasting time and go find this invincible novel called Thirteen Days Till Midnight!