BY: Suzanne Collins


After the hunger games, 2 victors Katness plus peeta were left. They were about to commit suicide, then they left the arena and were victors. Now the captiol are trying to kill them.


It starts in district 12 then keeps traveling all around to different districts. Its turning into winter. Katness keeps seeking to and from district 12 plus district 8. Now its becoming the 75 hunger games. The conflict is were the peace keepers are coming and killing, torterching people, and many more evil things.


The peace keepers are killing everybody. When Katness is at a fest she looks on TV and sees that there is an uprising in district 8. Katness keeps making runs to district 8 and meets some people she can help. when she was coming back she fell, then hurt her tail bone and broke her ankle.


Katness hunting, the frigid winter wind froze my face, and made it numb. Even if you slapped me i couldn't feel a thing.

The whip smashed against Gales face, with a sudden crackly noise.


When johanna and katniss take the coil down to the sea but it snaps, and johanna rips katniss' tracker out. katniss goes back to the tree and finds it basically empty, she calls for peeta. it is dark and there is a lot of mysterious fighting and such. katniss takes a knife wrapped in the wire and jams it into the force field just as the lightning hits the tree. the force field blows and a hovercrafts appears and rescues katniss, finnick, and beetee.