Awareness Flyer

By Austin Fultz

Deforestation and the 'Slash and Burn' Technique

Deforestation - clearance or clearing is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use.

Slash and Burn - a method of agriculture in which existing vegetation is cut down and burned off before new seeds are sown.

How they both tie in with each other.

Both of these examples of how we humans are negatively interacting with our environment are both similar to each other. When we deforest a forest we don't plan to replant any of them. Same with the Slash and Burn, we remove a big part of a forest to make for farmland or to clear land to build towns/cities. These techniques also destroy many ecosystems that many animals need to live.



Deforestation destroys many ecosystems by clearing out a huge chunk of forest to create more houses and farmlands.

Slash and Burn

The slash and burn technique has destroyed so many ecosystems with this terrible way to remove the vegetation in an area. This process doesn't even allow the vegetation have a chance of trying to plant more seeds.

What will happen in the future...

If we continue to use the 'Slash and Burn' technique or we keep cutting down forests to fast, we will not have another trees in the future to sustain the amount of oxygen that we need to survive. If you don't know... we need trees to survive as a species.


Level 1 - What is deforestation?

Level 2 - What are the causes of deforestation?