By Anisa Hotaling

Who is Freyja?

Freyja is the goddess of beauty, love, fertility and war. She is a member of the Venir tribe, but later became a goddess of the Aesir tribe after the War of Aesir and Venir. Freyja often appears in a chariot drawn by cats.

Goddess of War

Being the goddess of war, Freyja's duty was to take half of the brave warriors who had died in battle to fólkvangr where they live out their after-life with their wives. The other half of these heroic men were taken by Odin to Valhalla to live out their after life.

Goddess of Love and Beauty

Freyja's name translates to "Lady" suggesting her beauty. She often appears wearing a magical necklace made out of amber and rubies called "brisling," or "brisingamen." This necklace was given to her by four dwarves and allows her to become irresistible to men.

Freyja and Od

Freyja was married to Od. Shortly after they were married, Od mysteriously vanished and could not be found. Many believed that he had died but Freyja insisted that he was alive, and as she searched for him she cried tears of gold. When she found him he had turned into a sea monster and was later killed, going to Valhalla.