Bird's Visit in NICE, Japan!

One's routine is another's breakthrough!


Hi everyone! This is Bird from Hong Kong.

I believe workcamp is a “life lesson” for everyone as we can know more about the nature of our life through first-hand experience so that we and also our community can work effectively as well as happily!

After my first workcamp in Mongolia, my friends and I established the first workcamp organization in Hong Kong. I had been working as a biology teacher in high school for 6 years and I think this is the time to take a bigger adventure in my life; therefore, I decided to quit my job and explore the new possibility for myself as well as my organization.

Thanks to Kai-san and every members in NICE that I've met, I did learn a lots from all of you. Two months passed very soon but the memories with you will remain in my mind, and in this newsletter.

Hope you will enjoy that!

(2/11 - 11/11) Caravan is keep moving!

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Where had we been?

Here is our routes:

Osaka(Seminar) >>> Kyoto(Seminar) >>> Osaka(Seminar) >>> Kobe(Seminar) >>> Hiroshima(Seminar) >>> Ehime >>> Ozu(Weekend workcamp) >>> Fukoaka(LMTV Summit)

Want to know more, click the map below:

We did we do?

In this caravan, we have member from Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Japan. Thought the nationalities is different, we have same goal - to promote international voluntary service wherever we go by sharing our passion and experience.

(12/11 - 17/11) LMTV Summit 2013

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Learning from each other

This is an regional meeting that more than 12 different workcamp organizations from different countries in Asia are attending.

The meeting focus on exchanging our experience and know-how about long-term volunteer(LMTV) program development in our organization.

Let's start Asia Volunteer Service (AVS)

During the meeting, we discussed the details of AVS and confirmed that the program will be launch since 2014!!

Party with locals

The meeting place is actually one of the long-term project site of NICE. Therefore, the meeting is conducting in a really workcamp way - let's involve the local community to experience our spirit too!

(12/11 - 5/12) Never-ending Sharing!!

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(6-16/12) Workcamp in Rikuzen-takata

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Wanna know what we do in this workcamp, check this video!

(20-21/12) Leader training camp

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Leaders, are you ready?

In total there is around 13 participants in this camp and they all had been or will be the workcamp leaders, so this is actually a event combining the elements of preparation and evaluation for the workcamp leaders.

I had also took part in one of the workshop about evaluation skills during workcamp and we all enjoyed the time so much!

(21-22/12) NICE General assembly

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Engaging every member

This is an impressive general assembly to me as it's so different from the typical GA in other NGO. Even the newest member can take part in the discussion of NICE development plan. I believed such culture and atmosphere is one of the best way to empower the involve the members.

X'mas party after work!

GA is an good chance for official gathering and discussion; but to reinforce our friendship and bonding, crazy party is needed too.

Let's celebrate the Christmas together my NICE friends!


My Memory with NICE