The Complexities of War

Then and Now

Letter to A Soldier in WWI

Dear Soldier,

I am very proud of you for having the amount of pride that you have for your country. It is very brave of you to want to fight for your country. The use of words in the poem "Who's for the Game?" is very persuasive, and it makes people who are unsure about where they stand in their opinions of the war want to have the amount of pride that you have. If I were you, I would want to know that I helped fight for my country and made a difference rather than not do anything and see the other people around me being recognized for the great things the did for their country. This poem will make people motivated and eager to help fight in the war.



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Photo from World War I

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Photo from the war in Iraq.

Differences between WWI and The War in Iraq

There are many differences between the two, but even though the wars were during different time periods, there are also many similarities in both as well. The chart below shows the similarities and differences in the two wars through different lines from poems written by soldiers during both wars.

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